The American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH) was established after World War II by a group of surgeons from the armed forces. They wanted to build upon the knowledge that they had gained while treating hand injuries for soldiers, so they planned an annual meeting to continue the exchange of information and explore how to best care for injuries and conditions of the complicated and delicate hand.

Since 1946, ASSH has grown from 35 surgeons, excited about sharing ideas, to over 3,500 members spanning the entire globe who are all dedicated to advancing the science and practice of caring for your hands and arms.

ASSH continues to host its annual meeting to foster the exchange of ideas; ASSH also publishes the peer-reviewed Journal of Hand Surgery, hosts several courses and learning opportunities each year, develops patient education materials, and maintains an online compendium of content about hand and upper extremity surgery on its Hand-e platform.


Society Council

President Neil Ford Jones, MD
President Elect Ghazi Rayan, MD
Vice President James Chang, MD
Treasurer Michelle Carlson, MD
Immediate Past President William H. Seitz, Jr., MD
Research Division Director Kevin C. Chung, MD
Practice Division Director Jeffrey A. Greenberg, MD, MS
Education Division Director Martin I. Boyer, MD, FRCS (C)
Member-at-Large Julie Adams, MD
  Kay Kirkpatrick, MD
  Steven Moran, MD
  David T. Netscher, MD
  Jennifer Moriatis Wolf, MD


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