Dear Colleagues,

Infection in Orthopaedics is the crisis of our time.

Expediency, efficiency and familiarity has eroded the sanctity of the operating theatre leading to poor practices and poor house-keeping. The use of antibiotics has given us a false sense of security in dealing with infections, and now that there are very few advances in antibiotic drug therapy and very worrying developments of deadly and resistant bacteria, we have to find another way forward.

Evidence based medicine is important, but consensus of what is the logical thing to do, cannot always be proven. Theatres and practices of thirty years ago were often better than now. We should look back to go forward.

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to attend the Orthopaedic Infection Prevention Summit which will aim to build awareness and consensus of best practice, and explore emerging technologies which will impact in a meaningful way in our fight to beat infection.

We look forward to meeting with you in April.


Conference Committee

Prof Warwick Bruce
Clinical Professor, Concord Clinical School, The University of Sydney

Prof Peter Choong
Head of Department of Surgery and Director of Orthopaedics at St. Vincents Hospital Melbourne

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2018 Orthoapedic Infection Prevention Summit

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