Australasian Thoracic Aortic Symposium



Welcome to the 2015 Australasian Thoracic Aortic Symposium. As in previous years, we have an exciting program covering the spectrum of Thoracic Aortic procedures, with emphasis on current techniques as well as recent technological developments, We are fortunate to have a comprehensive panel of leading international and local experts to share their wisdom with us. Equally importantly, we hope that the warm and relaxed atmosphere will be a conduit for rekindling old and forging new friendships....

The 2015 Australasian Thoracic Aortic Symposium is open to Cardiac & Vascular Surgeons, Anaesthetists, Medical & Clinical Perfusionists, Specialists, Registrars and Nurses.
The Symposium is recomended to those with an interest in Cardiac and Thoracic Surgery.
The meeting also incorporates the Anaesthesia & Perfusion in Complex Aortic Surgery Session on Wednesday 15 April and the St Jude Nurses Day on Saturday 18 April...

Conference Dates 16 - 18 April, 2015
Registration Opens 16 July, 2014
Close of Abstracts 27 February, 2015 
Close of Early Reg 13 March, 2015 

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